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Unified Fitness combines strength training, nutrition coaching, weight loss, pain management, balance, flexibility, and mental toughness to get YOU in the best shape of your life. 

Ages 18-10

Youngest Adults

We will show you how to combine the responsiveness of youth, with fitness programs that maximize strength, speed, and flexibility.

Ages 30-55

Young Adults

We will show you how to slow aging and have you feel 10 years younger. Our fitness and health programs put you back in control.

Ages 55-90

Less Young Adults

We will show you how to triumph over age, and restore strength, endurance, and balance.


“With Unified Fitness, I’m stronger, more energetic, and running with my grandkids like never before. My wife can’t believe the difference.”

“Pedja is a great coach - he is well-rounded, kind, and honest. He innately knows when to show compassion and when to tell you the hard truths. I highly recommend training with Pedja.”



Personal training

We provide one-on-one custom designed personal training tailored to your exact needs without the stress of an everyday gym: no complicated machines, no intimidating atmosphere, and no waiting for equipment. Achieve your goals faster! 

Nutrition coaching

Our nutrition programs help you develop a strong foundation of skills, behaviours & weight loss strategies to achieve your health & fitness goals. That's how you become your best self! 

Virtual training

Exercise safely and effectively from the convenience of your home while being motivated and guided by a trainer. You get all the same benefits as in-person training such as coaching, programming, and fine-tuning.


Read some of the questions people ask us.

What is included in your personal training program?

We offer holistic personal training programs that include everything you need in order to get into the best shape of your life. Our personal training programs are adapted to safely and effectively help you achieve your goals through exercise and nutrition coaching as well as stretching and mobility sessions.

What is the next step to get started with personal training?

After initial contact, we will reply within 24 hours to book a complimentary 15min phone call. Purpose of this call is to determine if we are the right fit for each other and then to book the complimentary Success Mapping session.

What is included in the Success Mapping session?

The Success Mapping session is 45 to 60 minute discovery session, where we go through the following:

  • Introduction - briefly get to know each other.
  • Discovery - previous exercise and health history, and other relevant information regarding your fitness and lifestyle goals and why they are important to you.
  • Expert Prescription - We outline what you would have to do to achieve your goals and how we can help you achieve them in the most efficient and safe way.
  • Questions - We answer any questions regarding delivery of programs, prices, and anything else that would be helpful to you.

What is the investment in your health and fitness?

Unified Fitness does not sell individual sessions. We help clients achieve their dreams and goals. We look at clients holistically and design individually tailored plans that vary in length in the program and frequency of sessions. Due to this, we only discuss prices during the Success Mapping session.

How often do you meet with your personal training and nutrition coaching clients?

Frequency of sessions depends on your goals, preferences, and budget.

What is your Exercise & Nutrition philosophy?

Our exercise philosophy is to stimulate and not annihilate. Exercise should stimulate the mind and body in order to see improvements, but without the "no pain, no gain" mentality. Nutrition habits applied consistently will deliver results 100% of the time. We stay away from diets and help people choose the best food for them and develop a healthy relationship with food.

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